Family Ties

February 17, 2013 at 1:10 pm (history, philosophy, Poems, poetry, sociology, Stories) (, , , , , , , )

We meet to consider old stitches;

knotted to the past by red thread

which, dangling still between us,

is tensioned by remembrance.


Our fragile family quilt,

sewn haphazardly by unpractised hands,

requires the nimble unpick of constituent parts

and the renewal of worn twine.


Too long we sensitive seamsters

put aside the intricacies of a trying task,

when the damaged beauty of our creased cloth

can be redressed with candor, and restored.



  1. unfetteredbs said,

    Another masterpiece! I love the imagery in this– you wove it well

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Thank you Audra. A good life is worth the work it brings x

      • unfetteredbs said,

        Well said– again ( smile )

  2. john said,

    We meet to consider old stitches;/knotted to the past by red thread/which, dangling still between us,/is tensioned by remembrance.

    Julia, genius! This works so well on so many levels. Beautiful!

    It is akin to a topic I tackled in The Quilt, If you get a chance…

    Thank you! I enjoy everyone of your postings and each new one, more than the last.

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Ah yes, I remember your lovely poem, John. I love the idea of people pouring themselves into their craft and sharing that time and accomplishment with others. What could be more healing?

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