Frankly bizarre

November 22, 2012 at 12:30 pm (humour, literature, philosophy, Poems, poetry, Stories) (, , , , , , , , )

I bought some bananas and also some fish,

and I put my bananas in a pretty pink dish;

then I named all my fish: Cedric, Gertrude and Frank,

and sent them to swim in a sizeable tank.


In the evening I sat there and ate some bananas,

contemplating my fish in my comfy pyjamas;

they were pearly and pretty and orange and cute,

and I wondered if rosy barb fish would eat fruit.


Sometime later I wended upstairs to my bed,

washed my face, cleaned my teeth, took a tablet and read;

then I switched off the light and I fell into sleep,

and I dreamed of  great seascapes and fish of the deep.


But one of my fishes got lost late last night,

he was there up till bed-time and looked quite all right;

the other fish seem to be awfully upset,

they are swimming round backwards and not all that wet.


I don’t understand where my fish, Frank, can be,

it would have been different if he lived in the sea;

he could have explored, found a cave and got curious,

and met with his God Parents, Doris and Nereus.


But here, in my house, life is normal and tame,

nothing out of the ordinary happening again;

so all I can think must have happened to Frank,

is he ate my bananas, exploded and sank!


  1. wordsofunwisodm said,

    I just love this! 🙂

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      heh, heh, thank you, and welcome to my poetry cave! I hope you have a dig around – all sorts here x

  2. PJ Girl said,

    Delightfully mad… I loved it too!

  3. unfetteredbs said,

    smiling at this one!

  4. atothewr said,

    Awesome – love this.

  5. reiterzblog said,

    Well done Julia. I like this.
    Frank’s a good name for a fish, too
    Oh, it’s nobodysreadingme by the way. WordPress is playing up again:-)

  6. rodneydouce said,

    that is awesome, very nice ,, creative and funny too

  7. Sharmishtha Basu said,

    fantastic poem julia!

    i fear someone trespasses your home at night!

  8. pip said,

    I loved this too! bizarre but weirdly loveable, simple, straight, good.

  9. lly1205 said,

    I’d like to re-blog this later today, if I may? I’m going to start doing a re-blog every Thursday!

  10. Parallel Outlet: 1 « Serial Outlet said,

    […] Frankly Bizarre […]

  11. frommymusings2u said,

    Much enjoyed the reading!

  12. Shashi Moore said,

    Reblogged this on Shashi Moore.

  13. pjb1943 said,

    Thank you, Julia ! I needed some humor today and this was just awsome!
    Fantastic job.

  14. cindy knoke said,

    Oh my God! I hope you are submitting for publication. Reminds of Theodore Geisel, whose fence I used to climb over with my friend when we were little.

  15. cindy knoke said,

    PS- I am forwarding this to my family.

  16. A.R Sara said,

    So glad I came across your poem. Enjoyed it much! Thanks for posting your poems.

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