This storm reminds me of Jaybee, my first friend, who was there to welcome me to school, with toy bricks
and a mean brother who chased us both and threw her in the pond.

At weekends, once upon a summer, we hung out with our Chinese pals, at a boating lake in the park. Jaybee had achieved her gold medal, and was a great swimmer, just as well, because
she fell in, on the way out of a row boat.

The next weekend, we met our Chinese pals again. Jaybee stayed safe, sat on a rocky wall, and me beside her. I said wouldn’t it be funny if…
and I pushed her, in jest.

In a beat which broke the surface of our friendship, Jaybee fell into the
water. Splash! She was angry and it began to rain. Lightening quick, monstrous guilt thundering down on me, I said let’s go to my house and get dry.

We ran – Jaybee, our Chinese pals and me, pouring through the rain,
shivering, laughing, each almost as wet as Jaybee. When we got to my door, we spilled through it like a flood of young forgiveness,

But Dad told our Chinese pals they
were not allowed in. Those words
rang louder than the splash, louder than my heart beat. Incomprehension roared louder than the storm.



In Snailybeach, beyond the wood,
There lies a garden pure and good,
And down the path in yonder house,
Live Mr Fox and Mr Mouse.

One morning, in the month of May,
Young Mr Fox was heard to say
Oh Mr Mouse, come here and see,
There’s something here, what can it be?
It’s rocket shaped and squashed the veg,
Come quickly, I am quite on edge

Well Mr Mouse ran to his side
He stood there and his eyes were wide
For sure enough, as Foxy feared
An alien spaceship had appeared.

The two young men stared long and hard,
At what had landed in their yard,
So silver clad and pointy tailed
They thought its engine must’ve failed.

But what’s inside? said Mr Fox,
It can’t be just an empty box,
I think we ought to coax it out
So Mr Mouse began to shout.

He shouted loud and shouted strong
And shouted till his voice was gone,
But still all access was denied
The rocket’s secrets trapped inside.

Then Mr Fox had an idea,
What music would you like to hear
If you had come from outer space?
We’ll welcome them to our home place.

They dragged out their old gramophone
And played a tune and sang of home
And slowly so they hardly knew
The rocket opened… In it grew

A single plant of silver green
It was a fabulous alien bean!


A garden has a lot to teach
When in my life I overreach,

Reminding me to find the place
Beneath my feet, where earth’s embrace

Will give me all I ever need
To reap the love I sewed from seed,

For though life’s secrets will unfold
And I must wander till I’m old

It is a garden filled with flowers
Where I will spend my happiest hours.

To Brian

I’m so sorry I betrayed you tonight,
Left you stranded in the wilderness
Whilst I admired the new love I found
A tad less tarnished, with additional features glimmering.
I feel your disappointment- tangible, justifiable,
Your destiny is in my hands.

Remember when we met? I shook hands
with the man and said “I will take him tonight”,
The pleasure I felt made the cost justifiable,
And together we drove to our home in the wilderness
to enjoy simple times, love of life glimmering,
impatient and hungry for all we found?

I wonder, when you leave, whether you will have found
a stronger, more able pair of hands
to restore you to your former glimmering,
I will make you comfortable for tonight,
in the familiar wilderness,
and hope you are consoled, your hurt justifiable.

It might be some little while before you forgive me,
for discarding the familiarity we found,
leaving us both in a new wilderness,
One last journey, and the future not in our hands.
I wonder if you will want to see me tonight?
whilst my heart beat is quickened, my eyes glimmering .

Maybe when you are in a good place – glimmering,
you will reflect on this and find it justifiable,
and you will remember the good times. But tonight,
do not try to understand the new love I have found,
Tonight, I am Judas, Ephialtes, blood on my hands,
Next to you in the wilderness.

One more night in our shared wilderness
your faded colour faintly glimmering,
I reach out and touch your warm body with my hands,
If you pulled away it would be justifiable.
More than thirty years of service and tears are all you’ve found,
but know in your soul, I still love you tonight.

Two old hands in the wilderness
where tonight your lights are glimmering,
Justifiable sadness, but a new beginning , and new love to be found.