In Memory

February 12, 2013 at 11:33 pm (history, literature, Poems, poetry, Stories) (, , , )

My memory is

a tailored suit black cuff button rolled

flipped and wedged between dusty wainscot and wooden floor.


It is four heavy old pennies balanced and stacked

beneath the leg of a lopsided make-do desk.


And then I may take the middle of a punched paper hole

scuffed and left by the soul of a Brogue.


In perpetuity it will bear faintest traces

of the stale scent of slim cigars

emanating from a plastic-lined basket-work bin.


It will not be wiped either

by its one string slither of a shedding mop.


There will be a sound too –

a sound insistent as a stylophone;

like the thrum of Anglia cars through thin windows.


And oh yes, its colours will always be orange – 

orange and bottle green.



  1. amandapoet said,

    My favorite line–“by its one string of a shedding mop” Poems constructed with carefully selected words and crafted for maximum impact like yours are the ones I love to experience.

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Thank you Amanda, I’m glad you swished into my cave. I hope you have fun exploring little known passages!

  2. john said,

    Julia, aching and beautiful!

  3. nobodysreadingme said,

    Blimey, that’s good Julia. That is really really good. I’m a bit teary to be honest.
    Soppy Old Hector me

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Hanky anyone?

      • nobodysreadingme said,

        I had a pack of tissues with me in the local library.
        The staff are terribly understanding.
        BTW I’d love to reblog Big Foot. It makes me smile so much. Is that OK? May not be tomorrow, but in the next few days?

      • Julia Dean-Richards said,

        Things that make you smile sound good to me. Big Foot is always delighted to be included.

      • nobodysreadingme said,

        Tell him/her that he/she is on a promise.
        Nice to hear from you again.

      • Julia Dean-Richards said,

        Big Foot is an It. Will be round to your place later – hectic life!

      • nobodysreadingme said,

        I didn’t like to make assumptions. ‘It’ it shall be.
        If you do find the time to wander over, I’m in the thick of a rather elaborate blog running over four days. To make any sense of Miss B’s Travelogue, you need to read Day ! first.
        You can blame Audra for this, ol’ Ms Unfttered. she suggested a head to head between two of her favourite characters on my blog, and I just went ahead and did it.
        Always one for a challenge, me

  4. julespaige said,

    Memory…sometimes challenging to see from both ends – the almost 90 and then the 2 year old and my rattling marbles in the middle.

  5. weights | the Book of Pain said,

    […] a certain feeling, a certain sort of emotional memory that came to me after reading the poem In Memory by my friend Julia Dean-Richards of A Place For Poetry. I cannot at all tell you why this poem was […]

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