June 30, 2013 at 11:31 am (literature, philosophy, Poems, poetry, sociology, Stories) (, , , , )

Is self-awareness the same as diagnosis?
Are dreams symptoms or manifestations?
Just lately there has been regular levitation
with increasing ability to rise above situations
or step lightly into another dimension
through a literal sphere of consciousness –
which is in fact a flexible paper tube.

Is intoxication dangerous?
Is imagination terminal?
Not only are these  experiences thrilling,
but also make dislocation enjoyable.
I am lying in a meadow of my own making,
sipping beer at the festival of living proof.
Perfectly balanced in my tipped universe
I have seldom felt happier upon waking
and been so willing to surrender to the night.



  1. annotating60 said,

    Julia, though I hate to repeat myself, what a little gem!>KB

  2. unfetteredbs said,

    This one is in my top ten of yours. Love the last two lines.

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Really, Audra? I wonder what makes something work for a particular reader? Answers on a blog 🙂

  3. john said,

    Julia, a gorgeous poem! You, my dear, rock poetry!

  4. persongetorix said,

    This is… I like it.

  5. nobodysreadingme said,

    This made me smile.

  6. Pawan Hira said,

    Hey Julia…your last two lines are mesmerizing, and balancing the act of life. Wow!

  7. anna mosca said,

    I love it, and feel exactly at the same place in life, specially with the last three lines… thank you!

    So clear:
    “I am lying in a meadow of my own making,
    sipping beer at the festival of living proof.”

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