Or wait?

When dampened ambition wanders aimlessly in sombre dreams, pursued by hallucination, consternation on its brow, dark thoughts invading aching minds,

will we stamp, dress in falsehoods, denial and blue light, scream it was never so before, anoint ourselves with indignation, become restless and uneased?

Or will we listen to the earth,
offer what we can, and simply wait?

When strong friends turn inward,
holding grief like a missing child in arms, rocking through the days, repeating self-affirming words without conviction, crying for lost loves in the night,

will we unhitch two metre swords, armour up in mask and gloves as if to run the rascal through, dancing with our glancing blade to music from slippery silver tongues, rage flashing in our eyes?

Or will we listen to the earth,
offer what we can, and simply wait?


Only when yearning takes me by the throat,
crisping my tonsils and closing my butterfly brain
to sensory distractions;

Only when the kernel sticks it’s cankered tongue
against my oesophagus, making it impossible
to utter ludicrous excuses;

and only when churning shakes my salt
into dismayed puddles, eyebrows registering ’empty’
and my mouth a capital ‘O’;

Only then, will I unchain my curried doppelgänger,
smell mingled sweat and adrenalin, blink in her surprised light.
And with a roar now – go on, roar!

Know how fast we will be away.

Finger Exercise

Ten fingers strive to exercise a mundane task,
enslaved by hands, their jealous masters, clasping fast
till aching knuckles buckle to the bracelet of the day.

You’d guess they’d ask (above the crack of whip) how so
that they who long to dance, are pinioned tight and must
suspend their joy for subsistence, impinged by stress.

But never did these fingers speak; suffice to know
how noble words and careful deeds and soulful breath
held checked, cut in to scintillate with dazzling display.