Time to fix, recycle, sort

make a splendid space for thought


Accoutrements will have to go

add-ons may disrupt the flow


Stuffed up anger all turfed out?

Bag it; bin the old self-doubt


Untangle guilty clasps and chains

dust yourself and breathe again.

Each New Day

Put a light to the day

throw it like a fire cracker

peel it like a juicy banana

wear it like a fancy bandanna

open it up like a tin can

and pour it out like a waterfall

test it like the ultimate cure-all

take it for a walk and

giggle uncontrollably with it

welcome it home

and make it contented

plump it up like a pillow

and sleep comfortably upon it.

Jo garjte hai vo baraste nahi

Talk is cheap life is short paint the walls it’s your call write the letter make it better sign on the line seal the deal if you’ve only ever talked and waited seize the day right away time to play ignored berated or celebrated consider no more out the door on the move catch the worm going concern live and learn.