Following this brief pattern, be needled not:
drop garments stitched on holders far too long,
and cast off messy edges, we’ve wasted yarn enough.

Slip over surplus stitches: where less is just enough
adjustable loops may later be a tightened knot
that chains unfinished making over long.

When left abbreviated, needles may long
to inch towards the finish, but seldom enough
to bind off, put away and purl-wise not.

This is a pretty thing we knit – not long enough.

Ladder Man

My Dad was a ladder maker
constructing kit for cleaners of windows
slow and steady in his craft putting pride before profit
his ladders rested upon sills and guttering
of every discerning domestic dwelling in Derbyshire

Dad only used good unblemished wood
free from faults and knots
he did not sell steps filled with putty mix
berating those who operate quick and dirty fixes
which may betray the trust of unsuspecting customers

From my Dad I learned to discover deceit
searching cracked smiles and creaking protestations
gleaning hidden truths beneath glossed over surfaces
his lofty craft keeping my feet firmly on the ground.