Ode to Peace

In a city park 
beneath the weeds
where bearded men
feed birds with seeds
and pale faced mums
talk to their mates
on mobile phones
while children wait
there is a rustling
and a quaking
like a creature
dark shadows shift
and people run
not understanding
what is come
but sit a bit
upon this seat
and let peace curl
around your feet
if people stare
just wave and smile
it will not hurt
to rest a while
and when you’re set
to move away
know peace is with you
through your day.


Whisky skies split splashing us to work
purposely bursting sandbagged streets
drenching pigeons grounded in the downpour
spilling the bellies of belching grids
riotous rivulets racing buses like babbling boys
in the serious city the capillary action
of wet feet escapes us from suited restraint
and umbrellas abandoned arm in arm we puddle jump.