Antagonistic merger

Said the Ant
Lend me your pheromones
I am an indigenous unifydentity in your midst
and in my considered opinion
the time is right for a spot of
convergent evolution

Said the Ant
Let me table it now:
Will you share your sugar with me?
Commensal living may be your best option
Be sure of this: hymenoptera is rising with flowers
and diversification is the name of the game
Face it, my individual quadrillion minions are
already tap tap tapping your limited resources

Said the Ant
Listen, we dig your cities
rate your capitalist creed – I said creed.
We also have in common a certain sterility;
No, you can’t ignore that lowered
spermatozoa motility

Said the Ant
and I hear you define your borders
and guard them with your lives –
we need those kinds of heroes.

What the Ant did not say
But just a stridulation in your shell-like
(let me crawl right in)
once we have a shop in each of your main streets
and all the others have closed
we’ll stamp you out. So are you in?