December 4, 2016 at 11:53 pm (humour, Poems, Stories) (, , , , )

Once upon a silken sleeping bag
I flew a merry while
across the seven continents
and wondered for a smile.

When all the sheep were snoring
and dingoes were the brass
I put a trumpet to my lips
and blew it through the grass.

The crocodiles were friendly
and the badgers very kind
the cockroaches misunderstood
and kidded me they rhymed.

We danced around a story
and sang a cup of cheer
A band of bees played harmonies
that lasted for a year.

And when my time was over
and light was in the sky
my sleeping bag woke up again
and bid the dream goodbye.

But in the morning’s glory
when I wake up at home
I know the verdant pastures
where imaginations roam.




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Zoo for You

April 23, 2013 at 9:06 pm (humour, literature, Poems, poetry, sociology, Stories) (, , , , , , )

I need a massive elephant to hold my love for you,
let’s face it to be barking frank I need a full on zoo.
I’ll bring some pretty penguins and a dolphin and a duck,
to quack about the way I feel, I can’t believe my –


to do you justice honey bee, I’ll ask a roaring lion,
and forty furry monkeys and a snake I can rely on.
There’s room for rhinos, heffalumps and owls in a bush,
and huge orang-utans and spiky whatsits we can’t –


I’ll introduce a growling thing with teeth and not much hair,
but keep it well away from meerkats, other cats and bear.
The dolphins all will do a flip, the seals will throw their fish,
when love’s humungous tiger grabs your collar for a –


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The Inside

January 22, 2013 at 5:47 pm (literature, Poems, poetry, Shropshire, Stories) (, , , , , , , , , )

I have done a lot of thinking

about the inside of things.


Today I built a dome

one foot square

and solid snow.


Inside were the animals

I would have made

if the snow didn’t

get stuck on my gloves

and crumble in my hands.


 a moose

and a mole


The moose had long, strong legs

and an intelligent, wet nose.

He put his head down

into the snow

and nuzzled

until he found a piece of green,

then chewed thoughtfully

whilst contemplating the upstairs window.

He seemed surprised

that humans

have such long legs

they need windows that high up.


The mole poked his snowy bonce

out of the tired ground

and peered with blind eyes

upon the bright sky.

I think he was glad

I would have made him.


I have thought a lot

about the inside of things.

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August 29, 2012 at 6:01 pm (Poems) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

I looked at him and
he looked back with big brown eyes
then we leapt and swam

Why ever I was
chosen I will never know
the moment so brief

But to hold his gaze
restored childhood fantasies
of another life

peopled with creatures
who commune rather than fight
then swim together

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