January 7, 2015 at 7:40 pm (Poems) ()

On the way home, out of sheer necessity,
Geoffrey crossed the bridge between
his place of work, and his small parked car.

On Tuesday, it had remained dark,
hence it was gloomy indeed
when he crossed in the usual manner.

The young runners approached at pace,
cantering towards him, on the bridge,
potentially, he assessed, blocking his path.

Unaccustomed to this conundrum,
Geoffrey panicked, and climbed quickly
onto the wall, breaking his routine.



  1. UpChuckingwords said,

    Break of routine is quite unsettling

  2. julespaige said,

    The flight or fight response.
    Self preservation can also be called instinct.

please feel free to comment on these poems - all feedback appreciated. :)

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