Hiding places

Between the mirror,
where the dark leaves its coat,
shelter from your rain.

Sun brushed butterfly
cloaked by my chrysanthemum
whispers with the breeze.

Stars, shaped like kisses,
peek between cardigan clouds
to glimpse their ocean.

Who stole the daisies
from beyond cow shed corner?
Your secret is safe.

from a lovely prompt by chevrefeuille


Published by

Julia Dean-Richards

Julia is a writer and performer living in the Shropshire hills. Her writing is a product and expression of the love she has found whilst journeying through the most difficult times of her life.

20 thoughts on “Hiding places”

  1. Love the non-specificity of this. The “un-pin-down-ability.” It plays beautifully on the cusp of meaning. What my friend Jeremy Nathan Marks would call “boundary work.”
    Nice work.

    Are you familiar with haiku sonnets? You’ve very nearly fit the form here.


    …if you are curious.

    David Marshal invented the form. I’ve written a few. I have a couple in the works right now, as it happens. I have found it to be a form that fits many of my thoughts very well.

    Take care–

  2. I love your free flowing un pin down ability as JCC put it. I love that you just go with it and it really works. Cardigan clouds..love the image.

  3. Wow Julia you have created a wonderful ‘full circle’ haiku series here. Really a beauty. Thank you for visiting my weblog … feel free to visit again … be welcome. I am your host at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

  4. A delightful series. Each one is as soft as a birds feather floating and too as strong as the feathers that remain.

    Really like the ‘cardigan clouds’ – they are sort of sweaters or jumpers for the sky.

  5. such a completely different angle for this prompt — I really enjoyed this series. The cardigan clouds are especially wonderful – and pulling it all together with a theme of “hiding places” is a wonderful touch —

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