Garden Party

June 25, 2013 at 10:52 pm (humour, literature, Poems, poetry, Shropshire, Stories) (, , , )

Today, midweek, I is garden chillin’,
no pesky mean metal mamas mowing,
they is the weekend boys.
Nope, jus’ I and the big blue sky
and hey what even?
That old girl Sun is open for shine.

Then what do happen? Dang.
Those flaunty sparrows tip the Tit and Jay
I got seeeed!
Moly, that the end of peace fo today.
They get so close me is movin’ up!
In I’s own gardin! Serious.

But this not the main deal yet –

Well bless I’s odd socks
if the entire ‘nature thing’ begin
make the biggest darn racket ever:
they bees bumblin’, they crows cawin’,
old man Slug chewing on me lupin…
I’s gardin so loud the world is rockin’!

Well, think on it. Be churlish to vamoose.
This some kind of party, maybe?
Nature doin’ what Nature do pretty best.


Me is coming out, creepy sneakin’
from under I’s pot. Segments wavin’,
fourteen hip dancin’ legs groovin’ at a time.
Get with Nature’s freaky beat,
Coz, man, we is the party, bro –
we is the real deal.

Tellin’ you. Come on down I’s gardin bro,
Givin’ it some WOODLOUSE WELLY!


  1. annotating60 said,

    Julia I thought this excellent from beginning to end. My only hope is you do not catch flack over what seems like ‘darky’ speak. It made me feel a tad uncomfortable though it was done very well, but I have a great deal of trolerance when really good art is involved.>KB

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      KB – Thank you for your comment. Language fascinates me. My writing uses expression which is that of the characters of my imagination – in this case a woodlouse. I use all the tools in my box to create poems. If I intend to offend, I will say so in the work.

  2. unfetteredbs said,

    I really enjoyed natures jam session Julia !!

  3. hypercryptical said,

    Loved this Julia – life from a woodlouse’s angle. Love those little brown things – their legs always remind me of eyelashes…
    Anna :o]

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