This morning, market day smiles nestle
comfortably in the wrinkled chin of
Montane del Mattone.

Our morning ripens into red summer cherries,
generously ladled by women born
with sun on their faces.

Bitter rich coffee shots, in tiny cups,
are served with grace to travellers
who stumble confused tongues around
language reciprocated with indulgence.

Softened, we succumb to pick,
pluck and purchase a pretty posy –
sweet Sulmona confetti of sugared almond blooms


Published by

Julia Dean-Richards

Julia is a writer and performer living in the Shropshire hills. Her writing is a product and expression of the love she has found whilst journeying through the most difficult times of her life.

16 thoughts on “Sulmona”

  1. Basta! Basta! I too now want ladle fulls of fresh cherries served by women born with the sun on their faces! And cups and cups of espresso!

  2. There is magic in the those tiny cups! Italy is magical. I was lucky to be in a touristy town once, a few years ago. Got to look at some spots in Rome and visit Pompeii too.

    Thanks for your visits.

      1. While we might think it appalling on some level…it is recycling in a way when the older historic buildings are taken down and you can find the building materials wedged in more modern structures.

        There is so much history known and unknown with each and every step taken.

      2. Have you been able to watch some of the programs that examine the ‘underground’ of any area really…like the catacombs in Europe. I watched a show once where the gent was pacing through parts of the old aquaduct. He found builders marks – kind of like ‘Kilroy was here’. That hadn’t been seen for thousands of years.

        And while sort of on the same subject…there was a ‘home’ show where a gal took the one of the now defunct and unused loos (she combined the mens and womens old public facilities) of London (I believe) and transformed that space into a very cosy one bedroom appartment! She even reused some of the tiling from the restrooms!

      3. Try not to watch too much tele, as I am so slow, I can’t watch television and read and write too. Both programmes sound right up my street though (so to speak). Maybe I can look them up.

      4. You might be able to borrow episodes from the Library. Then you can stop and pause when you want to.

        I don’t recall the exact names. But the Librarian might be of assistance there. 🙂

        Might also be books on those subjects. I tend to watch less TV – since I’m writing more these days.

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