The Inside

January 22, 2013 at 5:47 pm (literature, Poems, poetry, Shropshire, Stories) (, , , , , , , , , )

I have done a lot of thinking

about the inside of things.


Today I built a dome

one foot square

and solid snow.


Inside were the animals

I would have made

if the snow didn’t

get stuck on my gloves

and crumble in my hands.


 a moose

and a mole


The moose had long, strong legs

and an intelligent, wet nose.

He put his head down

into the snow

and nuzzled

until he found a piece of green,

then chewed thoughtfully

whilst contemplating the upstairs window.

He seemed surprised

that humans

have such long legs

they need windows that high up.


The mole poked his snowy bonce

out of the tired ground

and peered with blind eyes

upon the bright sky.

I think he was glad

I would have made him.


I have thought a lot

about the inside of things.


  1. unfetteredbs said,

    I like your thoughts Julia

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      and I yours Audra. Are you taking your little dog to college this weekend? I loved his picture.

      • unfetteredbs said,

        No. We will take the dog when it is warmer. It is hard to visit with the dog when it is cold. No where to take the beast 😉

  2. julespaige said,

    We finally had some snow (here) yesterday.
    I brought some inside…the kitchen
    for my grandson to play with.
    I formed little round mounds for him to squash.

    Your thinking of inside and out…is enchanting.

  3. nobodysreadingme said,

    Lovely. I very much liked this.
    and the sheer silliness of the long legs/upstairs window made me smile

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