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Let’s do it while the early light is pale and cold,

when our soft and slippered feet still ache with sleep,

before the awesome day grows in its wisdom, old,

and we no longer can each other’s company keep,

I’ll go down stairs and turn the oven hot and high,

mix sweet with cocoa, rich with buttered love,

you follow, rubbing sleep from night time eyes,

drawn by morning’s promise from the room above,

we’ll sit together with our cups of steaming tea,

til when we feel the waiting world can’t do us harm,

with half a chocolate cake for you, and half for me,

a slice of happiness to keep us safe and warm.



  1. unfetteredbs said,

    this is so comforting and warm..and happy

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Glad you found my sunbeam – I find lots of warmth on your site x

      • unfetteredbs said,

        smiling, thank you kindly

  2. atothewr said,

    Peaceful is a good word for this one. I now must have a piece of cake.

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