If we grow weary
and are separated, my dear
head for the light above the exit
don’t be afraid
I will meet you outside
with sandwiches
and a warm coat
we can walk all through the night
talk about this and that
and when morning comes
we’ll hold hands
and greet the sun together.


War comes suddenly.
Whilst I was sleeping
bitterness bit again
night terrors snapping them
from beleaguered slumber.

Is it like this every time?
Whilst I was eating
plagued and fragile
with fraught reason
they struggled to dress.

Not to worry we are ready.
Whilst I was driving
abandoning reflection
they ran from their homes
crying in early light.

About how far will we run?
Whilst I was working
they hid in dusty ditches
few belongings spilling
clinging to their children.

Heroes were everywhere.
I am curled around you
we are at home tonight
safe and sound we will not
see madness in the dark.


Laughter living on its own
can’t be caught and taken home
pick a wild flower watch it die
pretty feathers can not fly.

Clutch not at the little things
holding breaks the brittelings
know the folly of belonging
bless the beauty of your longing.

Slide down from the concrete place
slipping sideways into grace
only love and not possess
the love you bear – your tenderness.