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Who would we ever need
whilst independent
in hard faced shell
protected and sure?
What do they know
who clinch, cling
sing songs of love?

Why would we ever need
whilst striding always
to somewhere else
strong legs
brains alive and adequate
dressed in arrogance?

What would we ever need
until the floor comes up
to meet us and on bended knees
we panic, cry out, freeze?

Unsolicited hands
reach to hold us.
Selfless strangers patch
and set us on our way.
We want to walk proud.

But as we fell,
the air around us changed;
as we were lifted,
we were comforted by
fellowship and warmth;
as we walked away
with muttered thanks
we became a softer animal,
hurting and healing.

Leaning against
a new door, we hear
the voice of millions
and feel the warmth
of the sun against our back.

For this incredible moment
we know our connection with it all.



  1. Pawan Hira said,

    Indeed a pause to look at life..Beautifully penned, dear. 🙂

    • Julia Dean-Richards said,

      Thank you Pawan. This poem has been in hiding for a while. Trauma can be a gift at some level x

      • Pawan Hira said,

        Aah, I can tell. 🙂

  2. PJ Girl said,

    Really touching – I love the “became a softer animal” line x

  3. truthsparked said,

    Fantastic! I can hear you speaking this, is that weird? Like as some sort of inspiring speech. A pleasure to read.

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