Brian’s Nasturtiums – by Julia Dean-Richards

The random right side of my brain

would do pretty much anything tonight

to avoid opening the file

the left side of my brain sensibly calls ‘work’.

The rational left side of my brain

has analysed the situation,

fully understanding the benefits.

Half an hour of preparation would be commendable,

optimising my performance tomorrow.

Following a logical sequence,

it deduces that I would not have to blag

my way through the day,

eating humble pie for lunch

as I am pulled up

by a more objective colleague.

But intuitively throwing back another glass

of Australian red,

I squint at my week through a small hole

in a rigid wall of boredom ten vermillion miles high.

Sunderday is a slanted time,

subjective, flutterdrunk vague as me aunty,

and I am rilling to whisk

Monday’s bonhomme in its entirety

to keep those noodling neuron dark alleys

alive and splendiferous.

Published by

Julia Dean-Richards

Julia is a writer and performer living in the Shropshire hills. Her writing is a product and expression of the love she has found whilst journeying through the most difficult times of her life.

2 thoughts on “Brian’s Nasturtiums – by Julia Dean-Richards”

  1. I like this one, Julia. I wonder who your “objective colleague” might be…maybe there are a number who fit this bill?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Objectivity has its place, but can’t (in my humble opinion) be allowed to stifle creativity. Rather, it can be used to ensure that creativity is nurtured and enabled. Each tiny spark should be allowed to grow and thrive – now that is my kind of Olympic Flame.

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